Saffron stigmas

The prized saffron spice is grown in our hills and is transformed in a closed loop cycle in the company.

The fields in which it grows are not treated with herbicide nor with any other chemical product and each step of the process is carried out by hand, without the aid of mechanical or chemical means.

In October, when the saffron blooms, we begin the delicate harvest of the flowers in the early hours of the morning, when everyone is still asleep, and bearing torches we go in search of these beautiful flowers. Whilst it is being collected and put in wicker baskets, we also immediately start the deflowering process in our workshop, where with extreme care and expertise the stigmas are extracted from every flower, then dried and packaged.

We decided to leave our saffron in stigmas, and not to grind it, to enable you to see the quality and purity of the spice. All the care taken in the cultivation and processing stages make our saffron a spice that is sought after, presented in an elegant glass jar, it preserves and embodies all the natural beneficial properties and the best aromatic characteristics. The result is a excellent quality product that experts appreciate and recommend.

Cooking: as to use the saffron in stigmas

Following the principal general rules:

  • how much: usually 10 portion stigmas, for example 1 wrapping from 0,1 grams for 4 portions;
  • as: to dip the necessary stigmas in half cup of well warm water, to cover with film to maintain to the best the temperature and to leave in infusion for at least ½hour;
  • when: to add the liquid with the stigmas a few minutes before the term of the cooking.