Saffron based products

With imagination and the desire to always create something new comes this line of sophisticated products of the highest quality, made with our incredible saffron ilFiloRosso®.

Ambra (honey with saffron)

Italian acacia honey with saffron, an incredible aroma.
Ambra is a product made in our company, a honey with an amber colour and with the incredible flavour of our wonderful saffron. Excellent added to warm milk or herbal teas, with yogurt, on bread or rusks for breakfast and for true connoisseurs it is indescribable when taken with cheese.

Premium jams with saffron

Jams with nashi and saffron, and apple and saffron, are a real treat for the palate.
The nashi and saffron jams and apple and saffron jams, a blend of fruit and our saffron are unique and a real treat for the palate. The jams are made by hand and without the use of flavorings, preservatives or chemical thickeners.
Compared to traditional jams, both a much larger quantity of fruit and a much smaller amount of sugar are used, consequently a product with a lower total caloric content and a marked fruit taste.
The nashi are an ancient variety of Asian pears whereas apples are ancient Piedmont cultivars, which are grown with care on our farm together with our wonderful saffron. The fruit is grown without the use of chemicals and herbicides, collected at the right ripeness for the immediate preparation of jams, thus avoiding any storage in cold cells that can alter taste and aroma.

Safran (saffron liqueur)

Saffron liqueur, classic or aged in ash barrels, exclusive, delicious and refined.
Safran is our production line of ilFiloRosso® saffron liqueurs.
Liqueur classical version: c created by the infusion in alcohol of stigmas from our saffron. Its unique and characteristic features are noted as it is the only spice used in this liqueur, which gives it an exclusive colour and taste. Excellent as a digestive after meals, sweet on the palate, to be served cold or at room temperature depending on the occasion and personal taste.
Liqueur sharpened version: gotten by the refinement in wood barrique of ash of the liqueur classical Safran. The wood surrenders its aromas and its roundness giving a warm color and slightly ambrato and light signs of toasted. From the round taste with marked floral notes sharpened Safran results a perfect end digestive meal to serve to temperature environment.

Coccole (saffron shortbread biscuits)

Coccole are of the delicious shortbread biscuits with saffron..
Produced with flours of wheat and corn cultivated in Piedmont, butter of high quality and stigmas of pure saffron ilFiloRosso® of our production. Excellent for a delicious snack, also from accompaniment to brew and tea, really greedy to drench in the milk.

Vizietti (chocolates to the liqueur of saffron)

Vizietti are of the full chocolates of liqueur Safran.
Produced with melting chocolate 75% to the refined taste of the liqueur Safran created by the infusion in alcohol of the stigmas of pure saffron ilFiloRosso® of our production. A proper delicious greedy to every moment of relax… and not.