In addition to saffron we cultivate small fruits, various fruits and shell fruits, in this case hazelnuts.



Composte di frutta

The planted strawberries are of a specific variety crossed with a wild strawberry, the Mara des bois, small and sweet, it really is an extraordinary strawberry. The cultivation of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, is based on different varieties of plants through which we get a progressive flowering. This choice allows us to have the ripening of the fruit distributed throughout the season and give us the opportunity to transform the daily harvested fruit and guarantees the high quality of our products.
Other delicious jams are made with mixed berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), nectarines and also apricots, for which we use an old and very tasty local cultivar, the “Tonda di Castiglione”.

Why choose our jams? For the dedication and love with which we take care of our plants, because every morning the fruits, when they are fully mature, are hand-picked and immediately processed, therefore there are no stages in cold storage which can alter the taste of the fruit. Because in our jams there is only a lot of fruit and a very low-sugar content, no preservatives or thickeners.

Compared to traditional jams, both a much larger quantity of fruit and a much smaller amount of sugar are used, consequently a product with a lower total caloric content and a marked fruit taste.

All flavours are available in sizes 100g and 200g, in addition to 25g single-portions designed for serving in B & Bs, holiday farms and hotels.


We cultivate the Hazelnut Tonda Gentile Trilobata, a variety of hazelnut spread among the hills of our Monferrato, Langhe and Roero and characterized by a lower fat content compared to other varieties. For this and other properties it is considered the best in the world. Once collected, they are cleaned and sorted. After that we move to the process of shelling, rechecking, toasting and vacuum packaging to maintain the uniqueness of aroma and fragrance that distinguishes the Tonda Gentile Trilobata toasted hazelnut.