Safran (saffron liqueur) 50cl


Saffron liqueur ilFiloRosso® in a bottle of 50cl.

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Safran, saffron liqueur, exclusive, delicious and refined.
A delicious and refined saffron liqueur, created by the infusion in alcohol of the stigmas of our saffron. Its exclusive and special characteristics are born thanks to the only spice present in this liqueur, which gives it an unmistakable color and flavor.
Serving suggestions: excellent after-meal digestive, sweet on the palate, to be served at room temperature or cold depending on your personal taste. Suitable for original cocktails.
Ingredients: hydroalcoholic solution, sugar, saffron stigmas.
Alcohol content: 28°

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Weight 1130 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 cm