Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by users send to their programs used for browsing Internet, from now on Browser, where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit. The Site provides for the use of the following types of cookies:
Technical cookies: they are session cookies, they are meant to offer a more efficient service. The use of these cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of identifiers of the browsing session in progress (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow us to provide the services and functions of the websites in a complete manner. Except for manual deletion (see below for details) these cookies have a maximum persistence of 1 day.
Functional cookies: they are cookies that allow the user to improve the browsing according to a series of criteria selected by it, for example the language or products selected for purchase.
Third-party cookies: these are site or web server cookies other than that of our Company and are used for the purposes of these third parties. It should be noted that these third parties, listed below with the related links to privacy policies, are typically independent data controllers collected through the cookies they serve; therefore, reference should be made to their policies regarding the processing of personal data, information and consent forms (selection and de-selection of the respective cookies), as indicated below. Specifically, Google Analytics is used, a service based on statistical and performance cookies provided by Google and that allows the Company to understand how users use the site through the analysis of aggregated data derived from the browsing sessions of all users . This allows to obtain useful elements for subsequent improvements in the navigability and usability of the contents of the Site itself. The information generated by the cookie about the use of the site by the user is transmitted and stored in Google cloud systems resident in the EU and regulated according to EU Regulation 2016/679, see the respective Privacy Policy at the link The user can disable these cookies by following the instructions and through the appropriate “Browser add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics” made available by Google at the link
Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can reject them, change their settings or delete them. To do this you need to act on the settings of the Browser used at the time (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc …) following the specific instructions. Depending on the browser, you can block all cookies, choose to block only those of third parties or still ensure that cookies are deleted when the browser is closed. In case of browsing the Site from different devices (for example computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the user must change the settings on each browser. Here are the active links to the document revision date for the most common browsers:
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ATTENTION: by disabling technical and / or functional cookies, the Site may not be available or certain services or certain functions of the Site may be unavailable or not functioning correctly and it will be necessary to modify or insert manually any information or preferences each time you visit the Site.

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