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Saffron stigmas

The prized saffron spice is grown in our hills and is transformed in a closed cycle in the company.

The fields in which it grows are not treated with either herbicide nor with any chemical product and each step of the process is carried out by hand without the aid of mechanical or chemical means.

In October, when the saffron blooms, we begin the delicate collection of flowers in the early hours of the morning, when everyone is asleep again, and bearing torches we go in search of these beautiful flowers. As it is being collected and put in wicker baskets, you will start immediately the buffing process in our workshop, where with extreme care and expertise from every flower are the stigmas of the saffron extracts, then dried and packaged.

We decided to leave our saffron stigmas, and not pulverize, to enable you to see the quality and purity of spice. All this attention in the process of cultivation and processing make our saffron a spice that sought, presented in an elegant glass jar, it preserves and embodies all the natural beneficial properties and the best flavor characteristics. The result is a high quality product that connoisseurs appreciate and recommend.

Saffron based products

With imagination and the desire to always create something new comes this line of sophisticated products of the highest quality, made with our incredible saffron ilFiloRosso®.

Ambra – Italian acacia honey with saffron, an incredible aroma.
It is a product made in our company, a honey with an amber colour and with the incredible flavour of our wonderful saffron. Excellent added to warm milk or herbal teas, with yogurt, on bread or rusks for breakfast and for true connoisseurs it is indescribable when taken with cheese.

Premium jams with saffron – Jams with nashi and saffron, and apple and saffron, are a real treat for the palate.
The nashi and saffron jams and apple and saffron jams, a blend of fruit and our saffron are unique and a real treat for the palate.
Nashi are an ancient variety of Asian pears whereas apples are ancient Piedmont cultivars, which are grown with care on our farm together with our wonderful saffron. The fruit is grown without the use of chemicals and herbicides, collected at the right ripeness for the immediate preparation of jams, thus avoiding any storage in cold cells that can alter taste and aroma.
The jams are made by hand and without the use of flavorings, preservatives or chemical thickeners.

Safran – Saffron liqueur, matured classic or in bangs of ash, exclusive, delicious and refined.
Liqueur classic version: created by the infusion in alcohol of stigmas from our saffron. Its unique and characteristic features are noted as it is the only spice used in this liqueur, which gives it an exclusive colour and taste.
Excellent as a digestive after meals, sweet on the palate, to be served cold or at room temperature depending on the occasion and personal taste.
Liqueur sharpened version: obtained from the sharpening in barrique of ash wood of the liqueur classic version. The wood yields its aromas and its roundnesses donating a warm and slightly amber color and light inklings of toasted.
From the round taste with marked floral notes Safran sharpened version meal to serve at room temp. turns out a perfect digestive fine.

Saffron bulbs

Saffron bulbs (Crocus sativus) for hobby crops and large saffron planters.

The Italian bulbs (more correctly called corms) of our production are suitable for professional systems for the production of saffron, but also for hobby crops. Each year we carefully select by hand only the best and healthiest bulbs for selling, so as to ensure they bloom from the first planting.

The bulbs that are sold are all productive but of different sizes, starting from 2.5cm to 5cm in diameter. We are registered in the Official Register of Producers in the Piedmont Region Aut. no.0975, the health of our bulbs is controlled by the Regional Plant Protection Office.

Premium jams

Besides saffron we also cultivate fruits with which we make delicious premium jams.

Why choose our jams? For the dedication and love with which we take care of our plants, because every morning the fruits, when they are fully mature, are hand-picked and immediately processed, therefore there are no stages in cold storage which can alter the taste of the fruit. Because in our jams there is only a lot of fruit and a very low-sugar content, no preservatives or thickeners.

The cultivation of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, is based on different varieties of plants through which we get a progressive flowering. This choice allows us to have the ripening of the fruit distributed throughout the season and give us the opportunity to transform the daily harvested fruit and guarantees the high quality of our products. The planted strawberries are of a specific variety crossed with a wild strawberry, the “Mara des bois”, small and sweet, it really is an extraordinary strawberry. Other delicious jams are made with mixed berries, nectarines and also apricots, for which we use an old and very tasty local cultivar, the “Tonda di Costigliole”.

All flavours are available in sizes 100g and 200g, in addition to 25g single-portions designed for serving in B&Bs, holiday farms and hotels.

Gift packages

A selection of our homemade products in elegant packaging. How to impress someone with an elegant gift box with high quality products?

Choose between the varied and elegant suggestions, or customize your gift, you will be giving something special and sophisticated. All done in a stylish navy blue packaging, in a havana box or in transparent bags, all embellished with a delicate bow. The wide range of products and possible combinations allow you to find the ideal solution for every occasion and every budget.

All packages containing the jar of our saffron stigmas ilFiloRosso® of 0.1g can be made using larger quantities.