"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Cit. Confucius.

A new day to gather a red thread

Didactics: don’t lose the thread

Nel negozio online 0€ spese spedizione Italia per ordini superiori a 60€ ! Oppure, se preferite, venite a trovarci ai Mercati Campagna Amica Coldiretti:

riapertura dal 11/1/2023 mercoledì-venerdì-sabato 9-14 Asti EnotecAmica Corso Alessandria 271

domenica 29/01 8-19 Torino Piazza Vittorio Veneto




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Saffron based products

Thanks to this unique spice, to imagination and to looking for new tastes, we have created some exclusive products, including a delicious after dinner liqueur, an aromatic honey, premium jams and more.




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Saffron is harvested in the early hours of the morning, within hours it is deflowered and dried in order to preserve all the beneficial features and the best aromatic qualities from the spice.




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Fresh fruit and shell fruit. The fresh one is harvested by hand and expertly worked according to the traditions, without preservatives and chemical thickeners and obtain exquisite handmade fruit compotes. The shell fruit, the hazelnuts, are harvested, dried, shelled and simply toasted.